Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week..freebies and goodies for you!

It's like where's Waldo...where have I been???  I could rely on my favorite excuse that "school's been crazy lately," but I know you've heard or used that one already.  Well, I'm going to make a solid effort to be more on top of my blogging game...

So, apparently it's Teacher Appreciation Week next week.  Normally I don't really pay attention to that stuff because...well I usually forget about it.  However, since I received an email about a freebie, I will definitely remember that it's Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love me some free stuff and contests, and I feel the need to share the wealth with all of you:

**UPDATES ON GOODIES AND FREEBIES** is sponsoring a free open house this week.  If you register with them, you will have full access to one of their websites each day of this week plus be entered into a contest to win a site  license.  I'm particularly interested in the site license because of all those leveled readers!!

For more information:

Scholastic also has 100 free printables.  Check them out!

I wish there were more free things that I could blog about!  However I could offer something free to all you followers to express my appreciation that you even take the time to look at my blog, to leave your comments, and of course for the difference you make in the lives of the children!!  So here goes...

I created this last year for first graders to look for their character's feelings while reading, and to note them on a sticky note.  Obviously the graphics are not my own.

I salute you hard-working teachers!!  Thank you!!

PS -- If you do come across other freebies for this week, please feel free to list them in the comments section!




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