Friday, February 17, 2017

Quick book review: Extra Yarn

Before this winter comes to an end, I would encourage you to try to squeeze in Extra Yarn as a read aloud.  I really LOVE this book.  Last year, I used it as a way to talk about doing great things for the New Year, but this book can be used for so many different lessons.  It is a great piece of children's literature as well as work of art.  Simple yet amazing.  Let's just go through the has it all:
  • A great plot structure {characters, setting, problem, solution}? Check.
  • A couple author's lessons, ranging from simple to more sophisticated? Check.
  • Characters with defined character traits? Check.
  • Can be read over and over again for new ideas and meanings? Check.
  • Mentor sentences?  Check.
  • Mentor text for writers workshop?  Check.
  • Suspense? Check.
  • Humor? Check.
  • Sweet and sassy? Check.
  • A hint of magic? Check.
  • The beauty of kindness? Check.
  • Multiple opportunities to change your voice during the read aloud? Check {a very important reason to pick a read aloud 😍}.
I can't say enough about this book, but Lane Smith, the illustrator of many cool books, called this book "perfect." And I agree with him.

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