Thursday, August 11, 2016

The best part of summer...

The best part of summer for teachers is the opportunity to show the multiple facets of their personalities and lives without worrying about lesson plans, professional development, observations, classroom libraries, report cards, assessments, PARCC, parent conferences, back-to-school, grading, staff meetings, classroom management, technology integration, interventions, contacting parents...etc.  For me, it's family time, traveling, and the ocean...

Family wedding!
Washington, DC

Niagara Falls, Canada

Sailing in the Raritan Bay
Not only am I excited to share these pictures with an audience, but more importantly, I am appreciative of having the time, freedom, and good health to enjoy these wonderful moments.  Looking at these pictures makes me a little sad that end of summer is drawing near, but I can also go into the school year feeling joyful.  And a joyful teacher is definitely a better teacher...

PS -- Pinterest was best friend in planning my trips to Washington, DC and Niagara Falls.  Check out my traveling board!

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