Thursday, November 24, 2011

Explaining our profession

Imagine this:   you go to a dinner party, you're hanging out, meeting new people, talking about what you do for a living.

Me:  Yeah, I'm a teacher, I teach third and fourth grade academic support.
People who don't know anything about teaching:  Oh, wow, that's so nice.  They're so cute!

Later on in the conversation...

Me:  It's been a long week, I've had to stay after school because of meetings and all this paperwork I have to do...
People who don't know anything about teaching:  Really?  Aren't you done at like 3 o'clock?  What do you mean you have do work on the weekends??  Why do you need to spend so much time?

Um, can we say frustrating?

Mrs. Mimi has an awesomely hilarious chapter in her book about societal perceptions of teachers.  And until people teach themselves or live with a teacher (those lovely, supportive, patient husbands/wives), they probably will have a very difficult time sympathizing/empathizing/getting it.  That's why I was intrigued by this book Support Your School Teacher.  It provides a glimpse into the life a school teacher, but more importantly how to support the teacher at various times during the school year (ie report cards....ahhhhhhh).  I am definitely going to order it to see if I can use it to enlighten others about our profession.  Check out their website and let me know what you think!


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  2. yep that is the life of a school teacher - completely misunderstood :0)
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