Monday, February 14, 2011

Some funnies...

One of the best parts of teaching is the things that kids say.  I think that's what keeps me teaching some days:  those quotables that you could not make up even if you tried.  Nope...only children manage to create such gems as this one:

Scenario:  Boy is wandering the hallway.  Could be taking the long way to the bathroom or could actually be looking for something.

Me to the lost boy in the hallway:  Lost boy, where are you going?

Lost boy:  I'm looking for the LDTV teacher (side note:  the correct acronym is LDTC {Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant}.

Me (trying to keep serious...after all, he was on a mission):  Well, I haven't seen the LDTV teacher (I couldn't help but repeat what he said), but let me help you.

I really do think that LDTV does sound so much better than LDTC.

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