Saturday, December 11, 2010

Math resources galore!!

Switching grade levels is frustrating.  Switching positions AND grade levels is just insane.  Just a little.  It also doesn't help your blogging skills.  Well, anyway, my job is to provide intervention in literacy and math in the upper elementary grades.  In my humble opinion, there are approximately a bazillion (read:  too many to count) resources, programs, and books that talk about literacy intervention.  Because there is a lack of resources for math, it's become my mission as of late to discover these resources that provide some insight about strategies and approaches to reach struggling learners as well as possible resources for parents.  I know there are a few good books on math intervention strategies; however time and money are not on my side, so my best friend Google and I have sifted through many search result pages, and I've created a list of blogs and websites that look promising.  If you know of more resources, please, please share them. 

  • The Singapore Maths -- This site has sample word problems being solved using the Singapore method of solving problems.  This resources looks promising for parents helping their children with word problems at home as well as another strategy in my toolkit.  The actual Singapore Math program looks promising as well: many school districts as well as home-schooling families have given promising reviews.  But again, time and money are just not on my side...
  • Twelve Tips for Solving Word Problems  My biggest concern is teaching students how attack word problems, and providing them as many possible strategies.  One of them has to eventually stick, right?  Another possible parent resource...
  • Word Problem binders -- Whoever thought of this idea is just plain awesome.  Deserves some kind of award.  This individual created binders of links with problem solving resources for various grade levels.  Each binder has many links.Granted you have to go through the links, but still.  Who knew you could create an online binder??
  • Let's Play Math! -- I've got to say this blog has been FASCINATING to explore.  She has some amazing resources for ALL grade levels.  She's got worksheets.  She's got problems to solve.  She's got resources.  She's got articles.   I think I need to send her a Christmas card.  She makes a really good point that the best way to supplement any math program is to play games.  I will have to keep you updated on which resources and ideas I used from her site.
  • Laura Candler -- She's a published author with many free games and resources.  Really high quality worksheets and activities.  I really can't wait to use her games to help those students who need to repetition to practice certain skills.  I've explored her site extensively, and I would even consider buying her other resources.
Teachers Pay Teachers has many high quality resources for less money than most other publishers.   Check out the math workshop materials for grades K-2 and many of the other resources by these awesome educators.

So, I have some reading to do...

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  1. Thanks so much for compiling this list! So many great resources for math. Another website with heaps of free resources for K-5 that you may find useful is: