Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making inferences mini lessons

So, my job this year is to provide targeted interventions to students who are partially proficient.  Good times.  I have oodles and oodles of assessment data,  my daily observations of the little rugrats precious children, and of course my overwhelming conclusion after I've synthesized (holla Strategies that Work) all this information is that the students need scaffolding in making inferences.  So after looking at professional literature and resources online, I decided that I wanted to create something break down the process which will hopefully allow students to be more metacognitive about inferring.  I would confer with students, and they would tell me that they didn't understand what they read but it didn't phase them one bit that they didn't understand.  They were not interacting with the text at all!!  Arghh!!  My goal is to eventually have the light bulb go off in their heads when there is a lack of or minimal understanding and then GO BACK to the text to make more meaning of it.  Well, here is a sneak preview of these posters.  If you're interested make sure to visit my store.  If you have feedback, let me know!!!

Now there is no way I could have even conceived an iota of this idea without my favorite books and websites.

The Reading Lady and the Mosaic Listserv have some very good mini lessons and posters that are very helpful, too.  Mandy Gregory has a whole UNIT of mini lessons and possible books to be used throughout the unit.  I'm trying out some of her awesome worksheets that are downloadable (scroll all the way down).  On that note, happy inferring!  Oh, and happy New Year!

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